Enjoy the Luxury of Reliable Hot Water

Choose us for new water heater installation services in Gilbert, AZ

Do you love relaxing under a long, hot shower after a hectic day? If your water heater is on the fritz or over 12 years old, contact Rapid One Plumbing. We offer new water heater installation services for homes and businesses in Gilbert, AZ. Our plumbers will help you pick the right-sized unit to fit your property's needs. You can even schedule routine maintenance to ensure your water heater remains in peak condition.

Call (480) 662-8146 to schedule a new water heater installation for your property.

5 signs you need water heater repairs

Inconsistent water temperatures aren't the only sign you need water heater repairs. Contact us if you notice:

  • 1. Cloudy or rust-colored water
  • 2. Strange noises
  • 3. Low water pressure
  • 4. Leaking around your unit
  • 5. Foul odors

We'll troubleshoot the issue and recommend the necessary water heater repairs. Reach out to learn more.